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"New York Alleycats"
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Kurt Boone Books

Kurt Boone launch Kurt Boone Books in 2009 to put all his books,films and consulting projects into one company. Over the past 20 years Kurt Boone has worked with Spike Lee, Milestone Media, BET Weekend Magazine, Avon Products, Bob Gore Productions, Just Us Books, QBR/The Harlem Book Fair, Wildwood Productions, TYCA Corp., Confetti Entertainment Company, C&I Collectibles, Big Apple Enterprises, H Kennedy Farms, Pak Productions and Kiat USA.

His list of books are "Looking For Myself", "Inside Grand Central Terminal", "On The Subway", "New York Alleycats", "Urban Theory: Critical Thoughts In America" and "Messenger Poet". Forthcoming titles are "Asphalt Warrior", "Good News From Haiti" and "Monster Track XI".

In addition to Kurt Boone entrepreneur projects, Kurt is a veteran New York City messenger and is consider one of the fastest in the city. As a messenger Kurt Boone has appear in feature stories in the New York Times and the New York Daily News. Has received product sponsorship from Seagull Bags, Converse, Function Drink, Timbuk 2 and Manhattan Portage.

Kurt Boone is also the subject of two forthcoming documentary films, "The Foot Messenger" and "Courier Streets".

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